Message From CEO | Kevin Okyere

Hello and welcome to Springfield. I would like to give you a summary of our core values, beliefs and strategies. As a Group, we have a robust and proven commitment to executing our contractual obligations, irrespective of challenges, to clients and partners and this has firmly established us in the downstream oil and gas sector.


We aim to explore cleaner sources of energy and in this regard are focusing on developing our natural gas fields. We intend for our gas to be utilised primarily for power generation and be a part of Africa’s industrial revolution and economic transformation.


We promote fairness and transparency. In line with our social investment policy, we integrate achievement of our core sustainable development goals into our operations.

Development Goals

Our efficiency, timely execution and strict adherence to regulatory rules have also delivered our substantial growth in the upstream industry, where we collaborate extensively with many major companies.

We entered the upstream business at a time when the oil and gas industry was in transition as a result of the shale economy and the global geo-political conditions which have greatly impacted exploration and production companies, regulators and customers. In addition, environmental and sustainability considerations are increasingly focussing attention on cleaner energy alternatives. At Springfield we believe that oil and gas are drivers of sustainable development and remain central to the global economy as key pillars of the energy system. Energy is required to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our contributions to the world’s energy needs are helping to provide the energy that will transform both local and global economies into sustainable development environments, permitting people to improve their living standards.

Springfield understands the challenges facing governments in the West African sub-region and is committed to harnessing the natural resources of Ghana and other African countries to improve living conditions across Africa

We have integrated SDGs into our core business operations by collaborating with stakeholders, leveraging our resources and using our unique position as a wholly independent Ghanaian oil and gas company to support the achievement of the goals. Whilst we realise that our activities can affect the entire spectrum of SDGs, we are particularly focussed upon the following: affordable and clean energy, ending poverty, good health and wellbeing, quality education, gender equality, life below water, decent work and economic growth and building partnerships to achieve the goals. This has led to the roll out of our impactful sustainability and resource governance policies in partnership with key stakeholders including non-governmental and community-based organisations, regulatory bodies, community leadership and local government authorities to ensure resource use optimisation.

Our focus is on developing natural gas fields as a cleaner source of energy for power generation, transportation, cooking and other domestic uses. We take our corporate and social responsibilities extremely seriously and will be launching community development programs via our Community Development Fund to support our local communities and identify the priority areas for development. Our aim is to build the capacity of these communities through knowledge transfer schemes and organisational capacity development, based on defined training needs. We are taking this approach rather than distributing funds because studies have shown that the latter is not sustainable and can have adverse effects. We believe it is preferable to make long-term investments in our local communities as that enhances their living standards and enables them to develop in an all-inclusive, organic and sustainable manner.

Our work force is our greatest asset. They are as capable as any in the oil and gas industry and conform with industry best practices while always seeking to reduce carbon footprints. They seek to ensure a safer and healthier environment in which hydrocarbon emissions are kept low while targeting better and safer energy options.

We will continue to uphold our ethos of transparency and openness in all our business engagements and we will always exhibit clear values of integrity, honesty and fairness. Our reputation and the support of all our stakeholders are our key business assets and are fundamental to our long-term success.


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