Our Model

Our primary business activities are the acquisition, exploration and production of our upstream assets, infrastructure and storage facilities (tank farm, pipelines, re-gasification plants etc.) as well as the trading and transportation of hydrocarbons. This dove-tails into our social policy of investment in communities to transform lives and provide the needed infrastructure to enhance the living conditions of our people.

Safety and Sustainability

We operate as a fully integrated entity across the entire value chain of the oil and gas industry. In upstream, we operate our pioneer asset in a safe and sustainable manner that delivers long-term value to investors and stakeholders while minimizing impact upon the environment.

Industrial Revolution

We are focused on developing our natural gas fields as a cleaner source of energy and intend our gas to be primarily used for power generation to help drive Africa’s industrial revolution and transform economies. Downstream, we focus on the safe, efficient, effective and reliable delivery of crude oil and other petroleum products, including alternative fuels to all our customers. We are also continuously building our technical expertise and forming partnerships to increase our market share in oilfield services.


Throughout our operations we showcase and promote values of fairness and transparency. We integrate our core sustainable development goals into our operations in line with our social investment policy and are strong proponents of gender equality and local content. Our activities specifically promote local capacity building to provide financial stability and create sustainable, long-term value that will last for generations.

Springfield Group

Training the best talents

We seek to retain our efficient and high performing teams with sustainable career opportunities

Equal Opportunities

We are strong proponents of equal opportunities to all employment applicants irrespective of their gender, ethnicity or creed. Gender equality is a business priority at Springfield and women in particular, are represented at all levels of management, including on our board of directors.


We aim to expand our upstream investment portfolio globally in predominantly large-scale oil and gas projects; securing the future for all our stakeholders.

Strong Partnerships

We seek to build strong partnerships with all stakeholders, suppliers and customers as this helps to achieve our goals. Springfield is committed to behaving with professionalism, integrity and commitment at all times.


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