Our Values

Springfield employees share core values of commitment, ambition, expertise, strategy, good governance and resilience.

Commitment & Ambition

One of the core values we believe our employees must embody is dedication to duty whilst being loyal to the cause. This is coupled with the ability to always think bigger and be driven to improve both as an individual and as a group.


Pioneering in the sector is our ability to support and hone skills of our employees to source the highest skills for tasks at hand.


Long term planning is at the core of our organization. We strive to seek values that utilize sustainable practices in our structure and business practices

Springfield Group

Governance & Resilience

Seeking to always meet the highest corporate standards and ensuring an elasticity mindset define the relationships within our corporate environment and with our external publics.


Our values are showcased in our behavior and responsibility to our stakeholders. We endeavor to work with care and persistence and complete tasks efficiently while valuing the input of others.


We are built as an organization from the boardroom to the oilfields to be creative, innovative and timely in problem solving, thoughtfulness and resourcefulness.

Our Responsibilities

Our relationships with our employees, shareholders, customers, associates, the community and the environment all embody values which protect long term partnerships and culture with a view to meeting our obligations at all times.


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