Springfield Oil To Commence Commercial Drilling In 2019

Indigenous oil exploration firm, Springfield, is set to commence commercial drilling on the country’s waters next year; Chief Executive of the Springfield Group, has said.

Kevin Okyere said the company’s top mission is to complement government’s vision of industrialization; as such, all is set for the exploration of hydrocarbons next year.

“We are on our program; we believe that next year God willing we are going to be drilling and very soon after that we are doing all preparations to try and come into production as soon as technically possible,” he said.

Mr. Okyere added, “As at now, we have all the approvals we need at the stage that we are and all approvals that are needed for next year are being worked on at this current moment so we are looking at bringing on gas and hydrocarbon so this government’s agenda of industrialization can be enhanced by what we are doing by bringing the energy resources that are needed.”

The indigenous oil exploration firm, Springfield obtained a license in 2010 as a Bulk Distribution Company from Ghana’s National Petroleum Authority (NPA) for the procurement, sale and distribution of petroleum products to Oil Marketing Companies and refineries.

However, the company is also going into the upstream sector for production of oil and gas.

Mr Okyere lauded government for its commitment to protecting local content.

The Springfield boss spoke to JoyBusiness on the sidelines of a Nation-Building Entrepreneurial Forum organized at the University of Ghana Business School.

Chief Operations Officer of Springfield, Geena Malkani, on her part said it is about time Ghanaians took charge of their businesses.

She said, “It’s only natural, we don’t have the expertise, we don’t have the technical knowledge to develop industries so we’ve been used to foreign companies coming in and doing it for us on our behalf but it’s about time foreign companies teach us, we learn from it and we start doing it ourselves because it is our economy, Ghana is our country.”

The Springfield Nation-Building Entrepreneurial Forum was organized on the theme, “Unearthing and Enhancing the Innate Potential of Ghanaian Youth for Business Creation and National Development.”


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