Springfield partners with Cardiothoracic center to save lives.

Springfield Foundation, is living up to its responsibility to the Ghanaian society by supporting Health Institutions and individuals in Ghana to deliver and access healthcare as part of its contribution towards supporting government efforts in that direction.

Key amongst the institutions are the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and the 37 Military Hospital, both in Accra. At Korle-Bu, the Foundation has been collaborating with the National Cardiothoracic Centre, where all the major heart surgeries are conducted to save the lives of heart patients from across the country. The patients are mostly children under 12 years faced with life-threatening ailments.

Under the Foundation’s health and education programme which forms part of our social investment activities, a number of hole-in-heart patients have benefitted from surgeries fully paid for, by the Foundation to give back life to these children and restore hope to their parents.

The beneficiaries of this facility, most of them in lower primary education facilities across the country, are doing quite well and living normal lives with their families.

The Director of the National Cardiothoracic Centre, Dr. Lawrence A. Sereboe while thanking the Foundation for its consistent sponsorship of cherished needy patients of the Centre also expressed the hope that this laudable cause which has spanned several years now would ‘grow to the ultimate benefit of our esteemed patients’.

We currently have a number of applications before us for review and sponsorship for other surgeries. Hapless parents of children in such conditions often trek from hundreds of miles to seek financial support for their children and end up at offices of the Cardio Centre and the Ghana Heart Foundation, as they await the benevolence of donors.

This is what our Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Okyere had to say:

“The development and future of any nation depends on the health and education of the people; it is the reason why we do this, because it has a multiplier effect in transforming the fortunes of families and the society at large. We know what impact this can make in the development of Ghana and are ready to commit resources to it.”


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